Privacy Policy

Any information submitted on this page including telephone / contact numbers, email ids can / shall be used by Visas2Go to make follow-up calls as regards customer interest / query in Visas2Go products/services. Such follow-up calls, promotions and marketing efforts made by Visas2Go in connection with the products / services, shall be regarded as SOLICITED CALLS and WOULD BE EXEMPTED from any ‘Do Not Call requests’ that may have been placed at any point of time against the said telephone / contact numbers. If any recipient(s) telephone / contact numbers has been provided by any other person as a reference or erroneously, then Visas2Go shall be exempted from any claims from such recipient(s) and the said recipient(s) shall be at liberty to request Visas2Go to delete their specific details from the collated data

Other than this Visas2Go never supplies any other person or organization with your information except those government agencies involved in your immigration process (e.g. Australian Immigration Authorities, DIBP or the New Zealand Immigration Service, etc.)

Our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. Clients should check our Web site frequently to see any recent changes. Our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and your account, unless stated otherwise.

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