Our team of professional migration agents offer a full range of specialised services for immigration to Australia or New Zealand. These services include:

Pre Assessment

Before you start the process its important to know if you are eligible to apply for any Visa. It is recommended to check your assessment, to ensure whether you are eligible for a specific visa or not. The eligibility criteria for varies from one country to another. Visas2Go offers free assessment for individuals who are interested in migrating to Australia or New Zealand. We provide comprehensive evaluation based on your profile and check your eligibility based on immigration policies at the time. Post assessment our immigration experts will assist you in your immigration process by suggesting you a suitable visa that would help you in achieving your dream of living and working in an overseas country.

Family and Partner Visas

We can provide clearly defined guidelines to ensure that you, your partner and your family’s visa applications are successful. We can assist with all types of visa categories including Partner, Parent, Family and Child visas, to ensure your family is cared for as you start your new life together in Australia.

Skilled Visas

These temporary and permanent visas are designed for highly skilled and qualified people who can fill occupation shortages. They allow you to live and work in Australia and provide Australian businesses with unique skill sets that can help them meet ongoing industry needs. Visas2Go can assist you with Skilled Independent, Skilled Nominated and Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa applications.

Employer Sponsored Visas

If you wish to undertake short or long-term employment in Australia, you will require an employer sponsored temporary or permanent visa. These are intended for foreign nationals working for an Australian business and include Temporary Work (Skilled) visas, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visas and Employer Nomination Scheme visas.

Business and Investment Visas

Owning a business or investing in Australia can provide highly skilled individuals with the opportunity to live and work in the country. With the Business Skills program, the Australian government aims to encourage entrepreneurialism and innovation and provide a clear pathway to permanent residence.

There are two possible pathways for business skills entry into Australia – the direct entry Business Talent (Migrant) visa and the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa – and Visas2Go is able to assist you.

Work and Holiday Visas

These temporary visas allow you to work and holiday in Australia for up to a year. Your Experienced migration agent from Visas2Go services will guide you through the application process, which will vary according to your country of passport, to a successful outcome.

The two different types of visas include a Working Holiday visa and a Work and Holiday visa.

Student Visas

As a leading and top-ranking country for educational institutions, Australia offers a number of study and post-qualification visas for foreign students wishing to study in Australia. We can help you apply for the student visa and ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements.


If you receive an unfavourable decision then in a few cases, we can represent you in your appeal and guide you through the process of requesting a review or Ministerial Intervention. There are a number of options available to you in these circumstances, and we are directly beside you throughout the entire process delivering support, advice and professional representation.

Our experienced immigration Agents have the knowledge and legal reasoning to present your case in the most favourable way possible, to ensure an optimal chance of success.

Start your free visa assessment now, and our experienced agent will contact you shortly for a full assessment and to discuss your options to move forward.

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